How Did We Get Here? The History of secretstradingbitcoin com Told Through Tweets


Appropriate, that is that 0.618 golden Fibonacci expansion, however, then did not. Go down seriously to an industry cycle to the 0.618 retracement, right? We'd have pulled straight back, got back previously mentioned and maintained and continued to this by anxiety. That's precisely what I'm on the lookout for, right? So right now, uh, we've got most of that to be careful of.

Right? But then let's pull the, the potential bearish divergence the following. I am talking about, it is no surprise, both gentlemen and ladies, Bit-coin. Hasbeen bearishly diverging over the one day interval since really the beginning with this rally, it was a directly bearish divergence, nearly the full operate. Uh, you know, essentially gentlemen and ladies, once we acquired on this very top here, we began to find a flat line.

Afterward again, we rose to a brand new high. Indeed, we're flat-lining yet again now we are seeing this climb here is showing extreme. Divergence, my buddies. So, uh, this is quite fascinating, appropriate? Uh, and you guys will see this, uh, which individuals failed climb, increased upward divergence, '' had a small sell off, ripped up.

Ok. Divergence all over again, minor market off, rip up. And now my buddies, we're seeing that this divergence keeps growing even more extreme about a decrease, a shipping price action descending RSI. Descending Mac DA and when push arrives to shove, you realize what this is actually revealing me is there is possibility this could reverse at any moment; point.

Nowit will not have to occur, yet proper? In an extremely, very bullish up trend. If this is really the beginning of a brand new whistling macro uptrend, it really is possible these high-income divergencies get fully blown off, appropriate? That is truly potential, however additionally, it is just a bit skewed for me that we have such bearish divergence over the one day time while also right now being interior that reddish box of prospective macro immunity while also coming upon that which, in my own opinion, will be the two .

Significant Fibonacci expansion targets of those 0.5 approximately 10,160 along with 0.618 Fibonacci around the $11,000 region. Let's get this traction . If we're seeing with the purchase price running upward into the following. And the divergences are still keep thisparticular. Absolutely. Uh, genuinely falling trajectory in connection with the price.

My pals, this is a bit of a danger signal for me, but that does not mean that the tendency must be right. We've witnessed it repeatedly that these divergences have only resulted in little mini pull-backs of about 10 percent and the tendency has lasted higher. Needless to say, once more past operation does not indicate future outcomes, but , uh, you know, I'm seeing exactly what could become a possible parabolic dismiss top potential here.

I mean, if, if that was to climb around, uh, the 0.618, I believe, my buddies, this is a roughly another 14% move to the upside. Merely to get to that Fibonacci objective. This can be a tiny difficult as you realize, moon boys and people that don't really understand trading whenever they listen to what I'm saying today, they'd only, you understand, assume, damn Courbet NACI too, '' he , you understand, you are going long right up there.

It's not that easy small James. The one thing isthat my buddy is the fact that correct today it's rather difficult to also get in a very long standing here from that very specific price points. Sheerly. And just because of the fact that we are diverging right here. We are now into work-related resistance zones in and of it self. The RSI is up near overbought conditions.